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3D / Photogrammetry
Modeling / Rendering

This Birkin bag was made for Christie's Auction house for use in AR presentations

Hermes Logo.png

The 3D object was made with Reality Capture and cleaned up in ZBrush. A cleanly unwrapped texture was also generated in ZBrush and cleaned up in Photoshop.

Animated in Cinema 4D, and rendered with Redshift.

Masking Test.jpg
Cam Views.jpg

This is a 3D model of a 15th Century Tibetan Gold Buddha statue created for Christie's using photogrammetry and Reality Capture. Gold Material was created in Substance Painter. YouTube video here,

Substance Material.jpg

Edgar Degas - Little Dancer of Fourteen Years
for Christie's Evening Sale auction

3D model created with Reality Capture.
Animation rendered in Unreal Engine


Grande Vase aux Femmes - Picasso

3D model created for Christie's video presentation.

The surface painting was cleanly re-projected and unwrapped with ZBrush.

This is "Patience" the lion statue in front of The New York Public Library.

3D model made with photogrammetry using Reality Capture

Bull Render.jpg

Recent ZBrush project

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